Aging in Place with Grace


As you are get older, do you begin to wonder if you can continue to live safely and securely in your lifelong home? The home where you raised your children. The home with a backyard full of memories. Your home!

Well, you are not alone. With the largest generation the world has known reaching their retirement years and beyond many, are asking the same question as you. “Can I continue to live in my home throughout the remainder of my life?”

At Aging in Place with Grace we want to help you answer that question by providing you all the information, tools, and guidance necessary to make the right choice for you.

We provide our clients with a personalized assessment of their home. This assessment is directly tailored to the particular needs of the client and provides the best options for their aging in place with grace.

Dr. Jill Bjerke, the founder of Aging in Place with Grace is a health care physician with knowledge in many areas that surround aging, downsizing, hoarding and the process of clutter elimination. She, along with her dedicated staff will work to provide each client with a unique plan to meet their personal needs.

This site is dedicated to you and to answering all of your questions about how you can age in place with grace. The information here is always being updated, so stop back often and make sure to contact us with any questions you might have on the subject of aging in place!

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Aging in Place With Grace
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